Remembering my First Kiss

first kiss

In my opinion this is a very serious topic when you hit your teens.  The FIRST kiss!  Oh my word, who can remember it?  I certainly can.  Purely because it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Where it all started

So my story starts walking into High School.  Seeing a gorgeous young boy same age as myself.  I cannot remember how we ended up meeting, but we did and became boyfriend and girlfriend.  Hahahaha…writing that I start smiling already.  Just holding hands with him had me blushing as red as a tomato.  It was horrifying and thrilling at the same time!

Back then it was common practice when it is your birthday to have a dance party.  If your parents could afford to do so and of course, if you were allowed to attend.  Things were a bit stricter back then to be sure.

So I am dropped off by my mom and along with my friend we walked into this party teeming with other teens our age.   Cold drinks and snacks galore.  Everyone is having a great time, laughing and dancing to our favourite music – Roxette!  Think I just gave away my age there.

first kiss

Anyhow, I am sitting down catching my breath and a slow song comes up.  You know the one where the ‘couples’ then awkwardly approach the dance floor together to slow dance half a meter apart while still trying to hold each other?  So there I am and as I looked up, my boyfriend walks up with a red rose in his mouth and kneels before my chair.  To say I am bewildered is an understatement.  He takes the rose out of his mouth and offers it to me.  And asks me if I would care to dance.  Of course I say YES!!  We are dancing very self-consciously and he steers me towards the balcony.  And yes, by now my heart is racing a mile a minute!  What comes next has me almost hitting the floor.  He politely asks if he may kiss me.  (Thinking about it now I just want to laugh out loud.)  The most precious and devastatingly exciting thing EVER up to that point!  But what else can a girl say, but yes, you may?  So that is what I said and he proceeds to bend towards my face and VOILA….first kiss.

I should point out at this stage that it was nothing like you see in the movies!  We were both inexperienced with no idea what we were doing.  But it was magical! *sigh* Truth be told, I cannot remember what happened for the rest of the night as we joined the rest of our friends.  All I can say is that decades later, that memory still sticks with me.  It was beautiful, innocent, pure.

Keeping the memory alive

And today as I watch my girl heading towards her teenage years, I can only pray that her first experience of being kissed by a boy will be as beautiful as mine was.  So few experiences in life are truly magical, lighting up your eyes and face, smiling whimsically, as you recall staring into the distance as if in a dream.  And yes, I have told my daughter the story.  And will keep on telling it to her so that she may decide for herself the way in which she wants to remember her firsts in life.  It should be beautiful and magical and certainly with that someone special.

I hope that I never, ever have this memory slip.  I want to share it with my grand kids one day, God willing.

Do you remember your first kiss?  Care to share?  Would love to hear all about it.

It is the little things in life that makes the most impact.  And here I am still smiling.

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