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I often find myself sitting and wondering what in the heaven’s to make for supper.  Then I inevitably find myself drawn to posts online, but there’s so many to choose from!  So I had a bit of a light bulb moment and thought, why not take some of my favourites and put them all in one place.  YES!  Problem solved.  Planning what to eat like a Ninja!  (Because time is precious and we need to move fast.)

So I am sharing them with you, to help make planning for supper that much easier.

Even though these recipes are all VEGAN, you can swop ingredients to suite you.  I tried to cover something of everything without having this post run 5 pages.

Here goes.  Hope you enjoy it.

Think I have to go eat something now….


I for one love pesto and basil is one of my favourite herbs.  Pesto can be used on bread, as a dipper or in pasta.  Here is an awesome recipe on how to make it from ‘Good and Simple’.


Sour Cream

Vegan Sour Cream.  Yes it’s here!  The Minimalist Baker shows us exactly how to prepare this.  Use it as a dip or over potatoes and sandwiches.  Or with anything you want actually!  I am smiling from ear to ear.


Vegan Lasagne

And of course, let’s not forget our favourite pasta!  Lasagne is a firm favourite all across the world.  This recipe from Happy Cookies has my mouth watering.  Think zucchini, garlic, spinach and mushrooms!



Creamy vegan sunfried tomato pesto gnocchi.  And only takes 20 minutes to make.  Oh my heavens!  Is wanting to eat my screen weird?  Thank you to ‘This Savoury Vegan’ for this awesome recipe.


The all-important Bread

Introducing Socca, a gluten-free chickpea flatbread traditionally from Nice, France.  Now I have tried a couple of bread recipes.  When I came across this, I just wanted to run to my kitchen and get started!  Only thing that stopped me is that I ran out of chickpeas!  This is the perfect little appetizer!



Vegan Pizza

No thin base here!  Proper deep dish pizza full of vegan goodness.  Thank you Vegan Richa.  Think I will give in to my pizza craving with this recipe!  May have to take a little nap afterwards, but it will be worth it.


Kale Pasta

Black Doctor has put together this awesome Creamy Kale Pasta recipe.  At only 427 calories, who can resist??  Becoming so hard to focus right now!


Vegan Seafood

Yes you read right!  Simple, Easy and Cheap, 4 vegan seafood recipes from Rich Bitch Cooking!  Vegan Fishsticks, Vegan Crab Cakes, Vegan Calamari and Vegan Crab Rangoon.  I simply love this.  Why not get together a couple of friends and make them all?  Just gave myself an idea for the weekend!


Vegan Burger Time

Forget drab looking burgers.  This will have you salivating!  And who doesn’t love a burger?  Contentedness Cooking has put together this amazing Lentil Burger recipe for us.  Just perfect for summer.



I myself love spicy food and this was a must save recipe when I saw it.  Incorporating curry, spice and veggies, this will become a firm favourite in your house.  Especially on cooler days when something warm and comforting is needed.  Have a look at this fabulous vegan cauliflower tikka masala from Vegetarian Gastronomy.  Soul food!


Vegan Cheese

I confess, I have tried my hand at some vegan cheese recipes and it never seems to come out quite like I expect it would.  However, these recipes from The Green Loot, has motivated me to keep on trying.  You have a wide variety to choose from with 36 recipes listed.  Enjoy!


One Pots

For me personally, the one pot recipes are the absolute best.  Especially when time is of the essence and you don’t want to use every pot and pan in your kitchen as well as any available space to stack them all.  If you are like me, then this is for you.  Yup It’s Vegan has put together 30 amazing one pot recipes for us to pick and choose from!



Delicious, ultra-creamy and oh so easy to make. This Vegan Cream of Mushroom soup is something to tuck away and keep forever!  Thank you Loving It Vegan.  This is going to be awesome!


Salad Dressing

This vegan ranch dressing is proudly brought to us from Hidden Veggies.  And my friends, this is dairy free, gluten free and cholesterol free and will take you all of 15 minutes to make.


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