Keep your sanity this Christmas with these awesome DIY ideas!

Most of us agree that this year just flew by.  Not long ago we were celebrating the start of 2018 and now the next year is on our doorstep.  And with that the realization that Christmas is less than 8 weeks away!

I will be honest that I had a slight panic attack and had to reinforce deep breathing to calm my runaway heart.  And then, hold on a second, there are loads of ideas on the net!  And if you are like me and stumped for ideas, especially while on a budget, you will just LOVE these little gems I found.

Have fun with these tips and ideas on decorating and gift wrapping for Christmas.  And keep your sanity!

Evening ambience

I simply adore this easy to make fairy light jar.  And I am positive the kiddos will love it too.  Also, why not have the entire family help?  Will make for some awesome memories.  CLICK HERE

lights in a jar

Table Decoration

If you can get your hands on proteas then this will certainly be for you.  This is just heaven to my eyes.  And you can play around this theme to your heart’s content with whatever flower you like best.  Just a little bit more relaxed and laid back as opposed to your more traditional Christmas table décor.  (And yes, this was used as wedding décor, but I won’t let that stop me.  Don’t let it stop you either.  (If it works for your party/event, then it works.)  CLICK HERE

centre piece

Use your garden and potted plants

This grabbed my attention.  We all have a plant in the garden or potted plant that can easily be made into a festive decor piece.  Just look at this genius idea!  And you can use whatever colour you want to fit in with your theme.

decorated plant


This is something I want every Christmas.  I end up going to the store only to find that it is too expensive and I end up leaving without.  These are so easy to make and there is a whole bunch of ideas!  Thank you to For Creative Juice for putting this together for us.  CLICK HERE

christmas wreaths

Look to your kitchen

Granted, you click on the link and uhm, it is not English.  However, the pictures all speak for themselves.  This for me is just pure genius.  No need to go and buy additional items to make an eye-catching centre piece.  Use what you have in your kitchen and the extras left over from your Christmas decorations.  Simply love it!  CLICK HERE

table decor

Bring outside In

This is just the cutest!  For a more natural and earthy layout, why not snip off the ends of branches and make your own ‘mini tree’ decorations.  And there are so many more, besides this one, that Better Homes & Gardens has listed.  A new favourite of mine!  CLICK HERE

table decor

Wrap that gift

I know, I know.  It is so easy to run to the store and grab a pack of gift wrapping paper and off you go.  But why not make it a little more special this year with a personal touch.  And folks, plain brown paper is so versatile and very inexpensive!  And One Beautiful Home Blog has many other tips for those of us planning our Christmas on a budget.  Enjoy!  CLICK HERE


gift wrapping

Create a new tradition for the kiddos

I happened upon this while looking for ideas for my blog.  This has got me excited on a whole new level!  The night before the big day, give the kiddos a Christmas Eve box.  New pjs (to wear that night), a Christmas movie, hot chocolate or their favourite cold drink, snacks that they like for during the movie etc.  Bascially anything goes here, be creative and voila!  New Christmas tradition AND you get to do all those last minute touches while your kiddos are being entertained.

children surprise

A little something for the grown-ups

This may be a gift idea for a wedding, but why not for your Christmas lunch/supper guests?  I think this is beyond cute and will add to your décor in a festive way.  I guarantee smiles all round.  Just be sure to choose something that your guest will like.  Visit Elegant Wedding Invites and look at their other ideas that you can easily incorporate into your Christmas décor.  CLICK HERE

mason jars

Candles Galore

I for one am in love with candles.  It just sets the tone and if scented, adds to the ambience.  I found an awesome post with 37 ideas on DIY candleholders.  And tea light candles are inexpensive to buy and you can use any glass jar.  Candle Junkies has made it so easy for you and I to choose our favourites and DIY away!  CLICK HERE


And finally…

Regardless of your Christmas theme, there is one important factor to remember.  The reason why we celebrate Christmas!

Whatever you do, do it with love!

Merry Christmas. (In advance.)



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