Spaghetti – ala El style


Not sure how it all works in your home, but here we have a meal rule.  Yes, a meal rule!  We have spagetti on a Monday.  EVERY Monday…

This is the easiest thing to make for sure.  And seeing as I don’t eat meat and my daughter only has limited foods she will allow into her mouth; I have had to come up with some ideas to spice up my meal without paying huge amounts of money while still keeping my little lady’s tastebuds in high heaven.

Quick, easy and cost effective.  And your friends will love it too.  Serve alongside a nice crispy green salad and some fresh rolls and your guests would be complimenting you till they leave!  (I do not have all that in this pic as it was just us at home…hahahaha…so excuse my single bowl serving with no trimmings.)

What you will need:

Spaghetti/can of chopped tomatoes/chopped onion/peri-peri spice/salt/sugar/chopped blocks of brinjal/cheese (or vegan cheese)/dash of coconut cream (optional)

Prepare your spaghetti like you always do.  In a separate pot fry your onions till tender. Add your brinjal. Close pot lid so brinjal can cook till soft. Add your can of chopped tomatoes.  Now spice this to taste with salt, peri-peri and sugar.  Yes sugar!  This is my go-to thing when cooking.  My mom does it, I do it and I am pretty sure my little lady one day will as well.  (If she ever decides she wants to learn how to cook that is.)  Now let it all simmer…mmmm.  You will see that the sauce will eventually become a bit thicker.  That is when it is basically done.  Switch off your plate and add a tablespoon or two of coconut cream. Dish up!  Sprinkle your cheese/vegan cheese over it or have it without.  Voila!

This entire process should take you half an hour or so.   Trust me.  It is lovely.  And if you like you can use chilli instead of peri-peri.  Or heck, use both if you want!  This is so versatile that you can add anything to it.  You can also leave out the brinjal if you don’t like it.  It is not a must.  Just think out the box and be creative!  Meals on a strict budget need not be expensive.  It also need not take you hours of preparation.

Have fun!  Relax and enjoy!  Evening meals basically seals off our day.  So make it count.




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