Social Media & Your Business – Some much needed positivity!

social media and your business during covid 19

Nobody could have envisioned the exact situation the world finds itself in right now. And understandably, a lot of business owners are concerned about the immediate and long term impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on their business.

But let’s throw some positivity out there. Despite social distancing, isolation and lockdown, we see evidence on our timelines of relationships strengthening and communities standing together. Be it a fitness instructor hosting online workout classes for free, a company sending out free flyers with ideas on how to keep the kiddos entertained or people helping out their neighbours who cannot get out and about. Some real, feel good vibes right there!

It also stands to reason that now more than ever, social media is going to be the mainstay for everybody staying at home. Your audience (and potential customer) will be spending a lot of time engaging with content online! If your business wasn’t using social media before, there is no better time to start than now.

And if your business has an online presence, KEEP GOING! Don’t stop posting. Engage with your customers in a meaningful and helpful way. Offer advice, keep them posted on any new procedures, products etc you will be implementing after lockdown, share funny stories. Now is the best time to engage with your customers and build lasting relationships.

Together we will weather the storm. #staysafe #stayhealthy #wecandothis

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