Why social media is vital for your business

On a daily basis whether you go through your personal feeds on social media or watching tv; ads pop up advertising business products and/or services.  This is nothing new and most of the time we just skip by or let our minds wander not really paying attention.

That being said, we no longer live in an age where we grab the telephone directory or carefully flick through newspapers to find what we are looking for.  This is the age of technology, and the first thing we are inclined to do is search online.  For the entrepreneur, small business owner and even existing brand, having your business on social media is vital!

From stats compiled in January 2018, it is evident that more than 4 billion people around the world are using the internet with Africa showing a staggering growth of 20% year on year.

And 52% percent of the South African population has access to internet!

With internet access no longer limited to a computer or laptop, the mobile phone has crept into the market with alarming speed.

This is but a scratch on the surface.  For an in depth and detailed report on social media usage and growth, visit https://wearesocial.com/uk/blog/2018/01/global-digital-report-2018 .

Social Media

So you may ask yourself: Why social media is important for my business?  As can be seen from the stats above, you must realize that not being active on any social media platform increases your chances of missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity to reach millions of customers.

I have done my own research on this topic, reading various articles and posts related to the subject.  In my opinion, the below are the most important reasons why you need to consider entering the social media platform.

1. Cost effective

In terms of social media marketing, it is the most cost effective way to advertise your business.  Almost all of the social media platforms allow you to create an account for free.  While there are paid options to advertise on these platforms, you can effectively decide how much you want to spend if anything at all.  This is entirely up to you and allows you to plan your budget effectively with no hassles.

2. Increase exposure and awareness

Social media is an easy, stress free way to create/increase awareness of your product/service as well as invaluable exposure for your business in general.  Think on what it is you wish to achieve and create a social media strategy that will assist you in reaching company goals.  With only a few hours a week, you can reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers by a simple click of a button.

3. Learning more about your customer

An incredible advantage of social media is the ability to gauge customers’ interests and opinions which you otherwise might not have been aware of.  And this priceless information is obtained by simply paying attention to what your customers are liking and commenting on. An easy way of doing this is to run a survey and ask your clients to take part in it.  Alternatively you could raise an industry related topic of interest and start a discussion.  Be active and take part in the discussions and keep track on the feedback you receive.

4. The ALL important customer service

As a business owner you are already aware that brand loyalty all boils down to customer satisfaction, and one of the ways this is obtained is through customer service.  Social media gives you an avenue to publicly address issues any clients may have as well as responding to clients that praise your product or service.  Customers who are vocal about their positive purchase/experience with your company is worth more than gold and is in itself a form of advertising.  Replying to queries creates a positive image as it shows your dedication and commitment in resolving client issues. This in turn proves that you care about your customers and value their input and loyalty.  It all boils down to communication!

In closing

While the above are just some of the important aspects and benefits of having a social media presence for your business; you don’t have to take my word for it.  Do some research and read up on how social media marketing can assist in business.  And when you are ready to enter this exciting world, reach out to a social media marketer that is willing to work with you to obtain the goals you have set for your business.

Remember: Social media is growing day by day.  Don’t let your competitors run past you, taking your existing/future clients with them.

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