Like A Boss Diaries #1 – The struggling gym pants

gym pants


I just checked to be sure and yes, I have literally last wrote a blog post a year ago.  Simply cannot believe how time has just flown right past me!  On the other hand, looking at all the things that happened in the last year, I can understand it.

My one wish at the end of 2019 (apart from signing on new clients and growing my small business) was to get back to writing.  Then the inevitable messaging of family and friends to decide on a name.  Well then…we are all a bit divided on that one, so I decided to go with my gut.  And there it is: Like A Boss Diaries!

The whole idea behind Like A Boss Diaries is to connect closer to my clients, potential clients and the world at large.  To give everyone the opportunity to get to know the real me behind ElZone.  We are all human first and foremost after all.  I want to write about owning your own business, being a mom and running your own business, life with a soon-to-be full blown teenager and life with my dogs.  Basically, my life!  And even though things are sometimes chaotic for days on end, I pat myself on the back that at the end of it all, I handled it Like A Boss!

I have decided to kick off the diary entries with a funny albeit very REAL struggle that is ‘getting into your gym pants during summer with high humidity’!

I live in an area of South Africa where summers are not for sissies!  You go to bed sweating and you basically have a minute before sitting up in bed where you are not sweating.  And yes, as soon as you sit up the sweating starts.  BIG TIME!  There are days where humidity is so high, that you literally struggle to keep as much water in your body as what you are losing, just by brushing your teeth! Yes, feel my pain.

My mornings start with the obvious of getting my little lady ready for school.  However, we recently had school holidays so I was spared that for little over a month.  But, school holidays or not, the dogs (loves of my life) need their daily walk and this happens early morning.  Every morning!

Now, like all other self-respecting ladies, we tend to want to dress the part when out and about on our exercise routines.  That being said, for me it is the GYM PANTS and shirt ensemble.  Now, the outfit is not the best but it is for the most part comfortable and made for exercising, in whatever shape or form you wish to do so.  Right.  So I start with the shirt.  Easy!  Next up are socks.  Because hell has no fury like a woman who’s foot got stuck in the leg of her gym pants and refuses to move in inch!  Lastly gym pants.

Friends, now picture this.  You are so close to being dressed, you can taste it.  However, humidity and sweat has got a delightful surprise for you.  While you have sorted out the ‘foot through the gym pant leg’ problem, you are faced with actually pulling UP said gym pants.  Oh my word!  I am jumping around, pulling, adjusting and then re-adjusting to such an extent that I am red in the face, panting and inevitably sweating even more than someone sitting in an actual sauna!  By the time I have the pants over my protruding behind and sitting comfortably in the all-too sensitive spots, I feel like I have just completed a half-marathon!  My enthusiasm for walking outside and enjoying the outing with the pooches is slowly diminishing.  So I sit on the bed to catch my breath, have my pallor return to that of a normal human being and build up my fading enthusiasm.  All the while wondering what someone’s thoughts would be if they could spy me through the window.  Because I am positive that what they will see will resemble someone trying to perform an exorcism in her bedroom.  What with all the grunting, huffing and puffing, throwing hands up in the air (no, not waving it like I just don’t care), combined with a here and there ‘harsh’ word, jumping up and down and finally staring at myself in the mirror with the pants all the way up feeling like I climbed Mt Everest!

I go through this EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  This is no sisterhood of the travelling pants scenario.  I actually don’t think I would wish this on my worst enemy.  And the only thing I hold on to in order to keep my sanity intact, is that winter will be here all too soon.  And then I have a whole new level of complaints.

Next time you are feeling a bit low in the morning, think of me and my martial art work-out with my gym pants.  I know it will make you smile!

And to my gym pants; I see you and I will win this battle.  Every day.  Like A Boss!

Would love to hear all about your own gym pant struggles.  Feel free to leave a comment!

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