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This is for all my brain teaser and exercise your mind friends out there.  Chess!

I am the first to admit that in no way have I ever been interested in the game of chess.  I think it is because back in the day all chess pieces were uniform and to be frank, very boring!  I tried though, but the bug just did not bite.  Until I visited Chess Africa.

I was absolutely blown away by the themed chess pieces.  For someone that loves historical novels and anything medieval, these pieces got me wanting to actually learn the game of chess.  Hand painted with love and care, you cannot help but get right into it and the game almost become a real life battle!  You can choose amongst the Crusader Knights, Hades vs Poseidon, King Arthur, Pirates and Robin Hood to name just a few!  Can you imagine teaching your child chess with these pieces?  How much more fun and interesting than your normal average and every day run of the mill chess pieces you get on the commercial market.  I have to be honest, I found it very hard to let go so to speak.  Just wanted to pocket the entire set and bring the Knights Templars home with me!

Whilst Chess Africa specializes in these themed pieces, it is not all they have to offer.  They also cater for schools and children.  The chess board for kids is a fold up, easy to use and wipe clean mat as you can see from above photo.  The pieces are big enough even for the smallest hands and the craftsmanship on them is amazing.  I think this is a must have for schools or young ones in the house.  No more tiny chess pieces lying all over the place and inevitably being stepped on by an adult.  As a parent, I am sure you can identify with this scenario; all hopping about holding your foot and trying to not scream.  Oh the pain!

Whilst most board games on the market today caters for every age and like, hardly any caters for the blind and visually impaired.  But Chess Africa does!  The chess board and pieces for the blind and visually impaired are unique.  The chess board dark areas are raised and the white areas are sunk in to make it easy to navigate the pieces during your game.  The chess pieces themselves are pegged and slots into the squares so they cannot be moved easily or knocked over whilst playing.  For me, this is pure genius and brings the love of the game to all.

The variety that Chess Africa offers is staggering.  From bags and boxes, chess clocks and even chess tables!  You can also customize your chess board, but you will find there are rules as in all games that should be adhered to and you will be advised correctly according to your needs.

Chess Africa ships to anywhere in South Africa as well as worldwide.  If you are a lover of the game or simply want to get into it, then I would strongly suggest you visit their site and get in touch.  You will not be disappointed. Visit  https://chessafrica.co.za/ and place your order as soon as possible.  Remember friends, Christmas is around the corner!  Yes, I know.  This is a bit of an eye opener as to how quickly this year has simply flown by us, but to avoid disappointment it is best to get all the shopping done as soon as possible.

Thank you to Chess Africa for the opportunity to view your pieces.  It really was an amazing experience and has opened my eyes to the world of chess.  So much more than just a game.

Chess Africa.  ElZoned.

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