What we Offer

At ElZone we are passionate about assisting clients to grow their social media presence.  From small to medium sized businesses to franchises.  No client is too big or too small for ElZone!

In today’s age it is imperative that all business have some sort of online presence.  Gone are the days where clients and potential customers will leaf through a yellow pages.  Now it is all about searching online and following profiles.  Can your business afford not to have a social media presence?  Do not get left out and see your competitors pass you by.

Struggling to increase interest in your product/service?  We SOLVE this problem by creating market and brand awareness with an increase in exposure using cost effective advertising and marketing strategies.

We offer product and service reviews, advertisement opportunities, social media promotion, setting up small business on social media, plus more.

ElZone will customize a package that will fit in with your business, vision and goals.  A personalized, tailor made package just for you!

What about sending personalized thank you cards with each of your orders? Or sending motivational/uplifting/inspiring messages to your valued customers?  ElZone can do this for you and more.

Get in touch with ElZone today and tap into the wonderful world of social media.